Friday, July 27, 2012

I think I can... I think I can...

I've never thought about how long 90 seconds really is until I was staring it in the eye on Week 2 Day 1 of my C25K program. So I decided that I would discover how long it is - at least from my perspective. It is as long as it takes for me to say "I think I can.." 90 times for 5 different segments.
The good news is that for a total of 7.5 minutes I ran without holding on to the treadmill or wondering if I could make it through each segment. A year ago you never could have convinced me that I would be running anywhere much less training to run for a half-marathon. But here I am finding time in my already busy schedule to fit in a running program three times a week. 
There isn't a set time for a running program when you have a two year old running around. So as soon as nap time hits I hit the pavement - or that little piece of plastic that spins round and round. And for a touch of humor today that little piece of plastic decided to stop working but thankfully it wasn't until my cool down. 
So Week 2 Day 1 is behind me - the treadmill is repaired and "I think I can" has turned into "I did!" 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I just couldn't help it! I wasn't supposed to start my C25K program until Monday but I signed up for the Color Me Rad 5K along with some really cool friends and I was so pumped I had to get started right away. It was so exhilarating. I can't believe that I just used the word "exhilarating" as it pertains to running. I thought that I would be all winded and ready to quit by the half way point but the way the program works made it easy to get through the entire workout without feeling too much pain. 

Oh there was pain and my legs felt like jello when I was done but it gave me such a great sense of accomplishment. I can't wait until Monday when I am able to do Week 1 Day 2.

Be sure to come and check out how I'm doing... root me on... make fun of me!
I don't care because I am doing this for me and everyone likes it when I'm happy!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yup... you read that right. The Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon.

I'm doing it and I'm doing it with a smile. There may be tears along the way and I might be in pain when it is all said and done but this is something I must do for myself. Let's just say I started my own little bucket list and this is at the top. Considering I have never even run a 5K this adventure is a little scary. This coming Monday I begin the C25K program and have already chosen my first 5K that will be run at the end of September. Watch for details!

So sit back and enjoy the craziness that is my life as I add just one more thing... but certainly one of the most important because ultimately it is about being happy and healthy