Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yup... you read that right. The Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon.

I'm doing it and I'm doing it with a smile. There may be tears along the way and I might be in pain when it is all said and done but this is something I must do for myself. Let's just say I started my own little bucket list and this is at the top. Considering I have never even run a 5K this adventure is a little scary. This coming Monday I begin the C25K program and have already chosen my first 5K that will be run at the end of September. Watch for details!

So sit back and enjoy the craziness that is my life as I add just one more thing... but certainly one of the most important because ultimately it is about being happy and healthy

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  1. I am in total AWE of you girl! Wishing you lots of luck and can't wait to see you cross the finish line!