Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who ever said it would be easy?

I was so excited as I started off this week as I knew that right in the middle would be my first 20 minute consecutive run as part of my C25K program. Wouldn't you know it I have been sick since Monday evening. I started to postpone my run thinking that perhaps it wouldn't be the best thing for me to do. Then I remembered an image I had seen:

Photo: COMMIT to making every moment count this week! One week at a time. Happy Monday!

So as I laid my little one down for my nap I thought of the commitment I had made to myself and the fact that I had challenged my family and friends to make sure I keep that commitment to myself. I put on my workout clothes and as I tied my shoes I prayed that God would grant me the strength to make it through my run but that if I needed to stop that He would help me to realize that I was not giving up but simply postponing. 

I went through my warm-up and did not include any extra time as I have previously been doing. Then came the little voice "start running" from my iPhone app. Then came a voice just a little bit louder but not quite audible... "I am hear to keep you moving." And then I began to run. The first five minutes went by easily. The next three I became a little out of breath and thought about stopping. Then it came... the energy from deep down inside and the need to finish. 

Please don't get me wrong, those last twelve minutes were hard and I struggled but I didn't quit. Afterwards I felt like I had accomplished so much more than a
               20 minute run.

At that moment I knew that sick or not I was going to be participating in my scheduled runs. I have my first 5K in 5 weeks.  Color Me Rad!! I will be ready and that gives me the strength to push myself. 

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